Meet Michele!

Lifestyle photography, for me, has always been about creating images that my clients will cherish – for a lifetime. My creative vision and commitment to extraordinary portraits jumps to new levels when I find clients that share my philosophies on life. And photography sessions, too!

In hopes of you getting to know me better, I want to share with you six philosophies that I feel will make our session amazing.


You bring the laughter, the love and the originality. I’ll bring the creative direction and the experience… oh, and the professional equipment, of course!

Location! Location! Location!

Life happens no matter where you are, but pure living happens when you arrive at a familiar place. That’s why I’ll shoot you and your drippy chocolatey ice cream cone right outside your favourite ice cream parlour.

Don’t have a location, don’t worry, I have a few secrets up my sleeve.

Port Moody Family Session

Run With It!

If you’ve shown up with skate shoes under your wedding dress then let’s get those in the shot. Because, those lighthearted and quirky moments completely belong in your day.

Granville Island Wedding, Michele Mateus Photography

Embrace the Chaos!

We can plan it to bits, but life has a way of throwing a curve. Together, we’ll find the humour and the photograph that says it all.

Francis Family Session | Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby

Be Yourself

Get caught up in the moment & let your personality shine.

Elopement Pricing | Vancouver Elopements

Love Yourself

When you look at your images for the first time, I want you to completely love yourself, just as you are.
I want you to see what I see – a unique and beautiful you!

Granville Island Engagement Photo Session, Michele Mateus Photography

Let's get together to co-create some fun & beautiful images for you to smile at and maybe even shed a tear to, for years to come!

Glass House Estate Winery, Langley Wedding


My clients often tell me that it’s not just life philosophies that we share, it’s the commonalities in our everyday lives that truly make us a great team. So, here are a few things about me:

I have an insatiable lust for life. And, I love a little moss between my toes.

I’m a mother – I believe my little man is pretty amazing & wild!

My husband is my rock. He’s solid. I couldn’t be doing this without him.

According to Myers Briggs, I am n ENFJ-A, and so are Oprah and Obama!

Volunteering helps me be part of the change I wish to see in the world.

I squeal with excitement at the sight of a bulldog – each one holds a special place in my heart.

My Japanese host father would always say, “Michele San, CHALLENGE!” And, ever since moving home from my year in Japan, I’ve used it as my motto. Life is short, we need to make it count.

Dancing is important. Especially, in my living room – wearing jammies – with my little guy.

I’m kind. With a fiery side. It comes from being Brazilian – I think.

Chocolate is my vice. If it’s salted, well, that’s even better! I also accept tacos, cupcakes and ice cream as treats.

Whenever I need a good laugh, I turn to Arrested Development. I love it so much that the theme song is my ring tone.

A bunch of fun courses in photography brought me closer to where I am now: a creative and inspired photographer.

I have an undergrad in Sociology, with a focus on Social Justice, at UVIC (I’m a power to the people kinda gal!).

I’m a life long learner with schooling in Graphic Design (Emily Carr) and Communications (Royal Roads).

Finally, I like to make lists. (Can you tell?)

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