Hi I'm Michele!

I care deeply about others, especially my family. I aim to keep things light in life, express gratitude as much as possible, and am always up for a few scoops of ice cream, because one is never enough!

I’m incredibly sentimental, and being a Photographer for me is about so much much more than simply pretty photos to share online. I believe photos should be printed and cherished. When I walk into a home that has been decorated with family photos, my heart instantly warms up, and I bet yours does too.


I'm here for you!

I lost my mother to Cancer when she was just 49, so I truly know the importance a photo plays in one’s life. When she passed I realized how little photos we had together, and this broke my heart. Those that I have are my most cherished possessions, and I have made sure to have her photos all over my home so my son, who never met her, can see the amazing woman I proudly call my mom. This is why I became a Photographer. I want to help you and your family have photos in your home that share your moments and create your family history.

I do this work because I want to help others experience the power of photographs that I have come to know myself.

It gets better! I also want to give you back time with your family, as a busy mom myself I know how precious that time is. I do this by taking care of designing stylish albums and wall art for you while you kick back and relax!

Michele Mateus photography, Fraser valley wedding photographer

Some Fun Facts!

My clients often tell me that it’s not just life philosophies that we share, it’s the commonalities in our everyday lives that truly make us a fantastic fit.

  • I have an insatiable lust for life, my scrunchy smile is a sign of that
  • According to Myers Briggs, I’m an ENFJ-A, and so are Oprah and Obama
  • I am a dog lover. My first one was a Bulldog and my recent fur baby is a Golden Doodle
  • Ice Cream is my vice. It’s gotta have nuts and chocolate
  • I love house plants, except I am prone to kill succulents
  • Dancing is important. Especially, in my living room – wearing my jammies – with my little guy
  • I’m kind, with a fiery side. It comes from being Brazilian, I think!
  • Whenever I need a good laugh, I turn to Arrested Development. I love it so much that the theme song is my ringtone
  • Finally, I like to make lists. Can you tell?

What Clients Say


What can i say about Michele other than she is just fantastic at what she does. We have had other photographers photograph us before but none have made us as comfortable as she has. She is professional, friendly and down to earth, and made the whole experience a breeze even when our three month old daughter decided she was done and just cried and cried. I am so happy with the way these turned out! i finally have pictures with my beautiful daughter, fiance and our fur babies


Michele is an amazing photographer! We still get many comments on our wedding photos about how lucky we were to have a professional like Michele on our wedding day. She is more than just a talented photographer, she has skills, vision, and also has this gentle, charming personality that compliments her experience.
- Erik &Lisa