Body Love Now Photo Project | Chandikka
I am excited to bring the second installation of the Body Love Now Photo project. It's not often you get to do a photoshoot with such a soft soul who sings you Carnatic music, which is a traditional South Indian music.  Please meet Chandikka, who describes herself as: "A proud SFU alumus, aspiring Yoga Therapist, wife, ...
Body Love Now Photo Project | Chandikka Open
Body Love Now | Joyelle
I am excited to post the first BODY LOVE NOW photo project that is part of the Love Your Body Summit that will be happening in Port Moody February 6, 2016.  As part of this summit we are putting together a photography project, that will be featured as a slideshow at the event, and may at some ...
Body Love Now | Joyelle Open
This portrait session was very special to me, as it was of friends of mine and their beautiful Great Dane Gracie. A few weeks before this session took place Aimee and Dave came home with their baby only to found strangers invading their home. It was an awful experience for them on so many levels. ...
Vancouver Wedding | Fiona & Michael
I never thought I would want to do wedding photography, but after having shot three now I am hooked! Being part of someone's special day and helping them capture those special memories while they are busy focusing on the other details of the day is pretty special. Fiona found out about me from a mutual ...
Vancouver Wedding | Fiona & Michael Open
Megan | Headhshots, New Westminster
I am excited to introduce you to Megan this blog post. She found me on Instagram which is pretty cool, as she saw some of the work I did for Michelle Hodgson of Blossom and Vine Floral Company. Always great to have someone see your work and think they want to hire you. Megan's biggest passion is her ...
Megan | Headhshots, New Westminster Open
My mother and I, Rio de Janeiro, 1977
Many people ask me when and how and why I got into photography. There are several reasons why and when I think back there are various points in my life that I was exposed to the concept of documenting the world around me. When I was a child my father had a dark room in ...
My mother and I, Rio de Janeiro, 1977 Open