Meet Michele!

Hi, I’m Michele, a Vancouver Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, but before we go into the details of who I am and what I do, I want to thank you for stopping by my website and taking the time to get to know me and my work.

I love to laugh, have fun and be goofy. As someone who has experienced loss early in my life and overcome my fair share of adversity, I truly understand living life to the fullest and making the most of the cards, we have been dealt. Since becoming a mother I have been reminded of what is important in life: family, gratitude and living the best life we can. In our final moments, it’s not the deadlines that we remember, it’s the special moments with our loved ones and the experiences we have had. I want to help preserve those for you.

I don’t know about you, but I love to sit and look through old family photos from when I was a kid, remembering the awkward teenage years to my own wedding, and reflecting on the journey that life has been so far.

My goal is to work with you so you too can sit and flip through albums with your friends and family, and decorate your walls with your memories. I look forward to meeting you and hearing how I can help you capture your moments that highlight you living life to the fullest!

Let's get together to co-create some fun & beautiful images for you to smile at and maybe even shed a tear to, for years to come!


– I have a lust for life, it’s short so make it count.

– I’m known to be one that will speak her mind, and I am OK with that.

–  I’m a mother and my little man is pretty amazing and wild!

–  My husband is my rock, he’s solid and I couldn’t be doing this without him.

– Friends would say I am outgoing, generous and creative.

– I love being active in my community through volunteering and feeling like I am part of being the change I wish to see in the world.

–  I am passionate about food (I love cooking!) & food security. No one should be hungry, it destroys you.

– I once lived in Japan and my host father would say to me: “Michele San, CHALLENGE!” It has been my motto ever since.

– I get excited every time I see a Bulldog, they have a special place in my heart

– Chocolate is my vice, if it’s salted well that’s even better! I will also accept tacos, cupcakes (I am a terrible baker) and ice cream as treats!

– Arrested Development is my go-to show when I need a good laugh. I love it so much that the theme song is my ring tone and always will be!

–  I’m a BIG music fan; dancing is important and lately is done in my living room in my jammies with my little guy.

– I am kind with a fiery side, it comes from being Brasilian I think.

– I’m a lifelong learner. I have an undergrad in Sociology with a focus on Social Justice from UVIC (I’m a power to the people kinda gal!), a I studied Graphic Design at Emily Carr and I’m part way through my Masters in Communications at Royal Roads. Oh, and throw in a bunch of photography courses into that mix. They all fit nicely together I think.

– I like to make lists. Can you tell?

Special thanks to Kat Timmins, friend and fellow photographer for the photos of me that you see here on my site!