Personal Branding Session
May 11, 2017

Leigh Ann Pawliuk | Crescent Beach Personal Branding Session

Headshots & Personal Branding
About this time last year, I met up with Leigh Ann Pawliuk for a Crescent Beach Personal Branding Session. It’s a photography session that stands out in my mind because I truly enjoy working with small local business owners that share my philosophy when it comes to business.

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Leigh Ann is a work from anywhere professional who calls the lower mainland home. Graphic and website design are her specialties, but she has a talent for personal connection when it comes to serving her clients. When we first started our session, she was nervous and a bit reserved. But, it took only a second or two for Leigh Ann to reveal her true personality.

We chose Crescent Beach for Leigh’s Personal Branding Session because it’s the place that she explores often in search of inspiration and a little relaxation. As a photographer, I love to see clients become totally immersed in their surroundings during a shoot.

Leigh’s easy going and free spirit was clear to me. She is happy to grab her laptop and meet clients on the go or welcome them into her studio – because the important part of her business is less about location and more about guiding people through the design process.

I haven’t seen Leigh Ann for a little while, but I hope to run into this music and nature loving designer again soon. Personal Branding Sessions are all about highlighting the amazing person behind your brand, YOU!

I asked Leigh Ann a few questions about her business and this is what she said:

What do you and your brand stand for?

– personal connection – I need to get to know someone and their company and work with them in order to produce a successful piece

What are the key characteristics and traits of your brand?

– I produce simple yet elegant professional designs

How would you describe the experience people get from your product or service?

– satisfaction that we have worked together to produce a professional and aesthetically pleasing piece that will yield the results they are looking for

What types of people use your brand’s product or service?

– I’ve worked for all types of companies – from dentists to electronics

– generally, I work with the owner of a company

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name of your brand?

– it’s a personal invitation into my space (eg. my studio)

What do you think your brand does uniquely well?

– I allow clients options and input into the design process

What inspires you to wake up in the morning and do what you do?

– knowing that I’m going to be creative today and create something tangible that gives me a feeling of accomplishment

Contact me at Michele Mateus Photography for your personal branding session. Spring is a fantastic time for bright and colourful brands, so don’t miss it and book in, today!