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          Hi, I'm Michele,
          Creating Photos With Heart For Fun Loving & Sentimental Folks
          is My Jam!

          Your family is your world and you want to make sure those special times are beautifully documented.

          You want a mix of candid moments and authentic portraits with a splash of romance.

          You dream of decorating your home with keepsakes and creating a home gallery
          that leaves others swooning.

          You’re busy and need someone to help with all of the above? Then we’re a perfect match!

          If you care deeply about preserving your memories, crave a customized full-service experience from start to finish, and love top-notch customer service, then let’s get started!


          Baby Santana | Confederation Park Family Session


          The Hawkins | Derby Reach Family Session


          Leroux Ladies | Stanley Park Portrait Session

          Hope Wedding Weddings

          Bek & Josiah

          Real People.
          Real Stories.

          What My
          Clients Say

          How could not somebody adore a romantic shot like this? I could not put into words how talented Michele is. Both me and my fiance never had an experience of formal portraits like this. We were scared it'll be awkward to show affection in front of the camera. But hey, Michele's unique persona made us so comfortable that we felt that we were just playing around. Came the day we saw all of the pictures- we were mesmerized. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND HER to take the most memorable events in your life. It does not need to be a wedding or engagement. Michele's photos are light, happy, candid and not structured. She captures natural emotions- the most important thing in every photo.
          - JESSICA & DAVID

          What My
          Clients Say

          We knew we made the right decision when we met Michele. She spent so much time chatting with us over the phone (we live out of province) even before we had hired her and her personality clearly shone through even on a call!

          Her talent speaks for itself when you look at her work but it’s when you’re working with her that you get a sense of just how good she is at ALL aspects of being a good photographer. She caught the hidden moments; didn't get even remotely phased by chaos and meddling family members; can connect with shy kids (and adults); took initiative to support us throughout the day; has a keen eye for detail, lighting, atmosphere, etc.; and all-in-all really puts her heart into her work.

          We had such a fun time at our engagement shoot and it really was the highlight of a fairly stressful week before our wedding. She was prepared for anything and even had a handy dandy garbage bag with her to put anywhere we sat! We met her at her home office before our engagement shoot (which was super cozy) and she had us laughing right away.

          Our friends and family haven't stopped talking about how much they liked her. We felt like we made a new friend and when she left at the end of the night I already missed her!
          - CHAITY & ASH

          What My
          Clients Say

          Michele, you captured so many unbelievable photos from our wedding, I am quite speechless. I can’t even believe there are more and more good ones. After looking through your blog post I feel a few things… awe and wonder that this actually happened– that we were captured so beautifully on our wedding day– and affirmation of our relationship and the goodness that surrounds us. What a package, Michele! You are incredibly gifted, and I wish I could give you the moon for what you’ve given us.
          - FIONA & MICHAEL