Happy New Year everyone! I know 2016 was a hard year for many people, but I am grateful to say it was an excellent year for me personally and for my business. Lots of personal and professional growth, and an endless stream of ideas of what I want to tackle for the upcoming year.

As far as business goes I have had the chance to work with so many amazing people and their loved ones. Photographing people and their new babies, their fathers walking them down the aisle, camping with clients, shooooo’ing off wedding crashers, engagements in the snow, photographing families in parks and local breweries, second shooting for some super photographers, cleaning bird poop of of a brides dress, shooting a wedding with no power, being published three times and ending the year with a photo shoot of a family whose little girl has leukemia and all they wanted for Christmas was family photos. Over 80 photo shoots filled my calendar throughout the year, with a summer full of I do’s. I made new friends in the photography community, found myself a business mentor and was asked three times to be a mentor myself, which I took on one budding photographer. It’s been a year of working with more flashes, a new website, hiring an admin assistant who is wonderful (thanks Amber!) and non-stop photography geeking out both alone and with anyone who wants to talk shop!

Personally I have had the chance to travel with my family and dear friends to Mexico, explore a fun ghost town with other friends who also indulged me in some camping light painting fun, a road trip with my family through the Rocky Mountains, lots of fun weekend adventures, quality time with friends and hosting many a dinner gathering and music jam sessions at our place. I spent a lot of time thinking about  spirituality and what it means to me this past year and working to  enjoy the last year of my 30’s! I used my passion of photography to work through my mother’s 10 year death anniversary and offer a tribute to her life, letting go of some of her ashes that until then had a hard time even thinking about. I made the choice to take a break from school as my plate was over loaded and I also have been actively trying to reach out to friends that I miss to send warm thoughts and if they are local make space to see each other even if just for a quick coffee visit.

My goals for 2017 have been hard to decide upon as my list is often so long and I know it’s important to pick a few key things to focus on, so here are my goals as of today, because life is fluid and I believe that we have to be open to changing things up as life requires it. I am also pretty excited to have a new Business Mentor through the FWE Mentor Program that I will be working with to help keep me on track and push me towards these goals.

2017 Business Goals

Print Print Print! Get more printed products in my client’s hands! I am excited to finally have printers that I love to work with in which will allow me to offer my clients the highest quality photographic products to decorate their homes with.

Work-life balance. This seems to be a common goal for many, but the struggle is real when you run your own business and want it to kick butt but also want to be spending quality time with your loved ones, and then a bit of personal time to regroup. I know this is possible, just gotta make it happen! I am excited to be starting up my personal training with Scott of F.I.T Academy as the first step towards this goal.

Back to basics! I want to make an effort to experiment with film camera, for real! I put this as a goal last year but it didn’t happen so it’s back on the list as it is something that I really want to do!

Geeking out A.K.A Professional Development:  I am excited to have signed up for two amazing photography conferences this year, Mystic Seminars and ARC, The Experience. I am hoping these conferences will inspire, teach and push me as a photographer as well as offer me the chance to geek out non-stop for a week each and make some new connections. Bonus: some me time to feed my mind and soul : )

365 personal project. I plan to start this on my birthday – my big 4-0 (gulp!) birthday! Watch this space for more news on this.

Other Business stuff: lots of boring stuff in here like mastering my business spreadsheets and other stuff that is not too exciting to blog about but important for me to have in my new fancy shmancy business planner by Design A Glow which I am excited to dive into! Pretty planners make it easier to get into the boring bits, or so I hope!

2017 Personal Goals

Work-life balance belongs here too! More dates nights, more me time, more rest time, more non work time which involves unplugging and shutting off that part of my mind to being present with my loved ones.

Get outside! I am not what I would call an outdoorsy person, but when I get outdoors I love it. I have always wanted to try foraging and making a meal with things I collected, I would like to take my little guy camping and I really want to try stand up paddle boarding.

More music! Last year we didn’t get to as many live music shows or music festivals, as we had wanted as either sickness got in the way or scheduling. We love music in our home and are looking forward to checking out more live music this year.

Being on social media much less! This is also a hard one as I work with social media for my day job and I use it a lot for my business but I find it sucks up a lot of time and space mentally and I just want to translate that online time to offline face to face time and experiences.

Knit. Someone asked me a few weeks back what my hobby was and as I started to say photography I realised that I have managed to make my passion and once hobby my livelihood, so I need a new hobby! I have tried knitting before and it took me two years to make a wonky scarf, so let’s see if I can make something this year as I really do like how knitting slows you down.

Spirituality. I am a baptized Catholic but that doesn’t say much about me other than I used to go to mid night mass the occasional time. As I get older I think more about faith and believing in a higher power, but I have no clue what that is really or what I connect with as far as a belief system goes. Will be an interesting year poking around to see what resonates for me in this department.

Overall I want to laugh a lot, experience as much as I can, explore new spaces and places, eat good food, have quality time with myself and those I love, and embrace all that is thrown at me in the best possible ways I can.

2017 is going to be a super year! I hope it will be for you as well! 

*top photo taken by my husband, Don Brent and choose because I love how I felt in that very moment and want to carry that feeling with me throughout 2017 ; )