2018 Goals = More Quiet time, more depth and more getting dirty!

Happy New Year everyone, I know I am a bit late in getting this post up, but alas the Christmas break was so nice that I am still getting out of holiday mode.

2017 was such an amazing year with personal and professional growth! In the first month, I traveled to Portland Oregan (a city I LOVE) to the Mystic Seminars conference with two fellow photographer friends. Taking this time to learn and grow as a photographer but also to think deeply about my next steps was such an important gift to offer myself. All too often we, especially women, put others first and I knew I needed this. The conference was great, and I can say that my headspace was both heavy and excited. I had so much on my mind, and I often found myself tearing up, overwhelmed with emotion. Am I crazy for pursuing this? Am I even good enough? Should I quit my job? What if I don’t make enough to help keep our family afloat as we need my income?

I came home from that conference and told my husband that I needed to quit my job and to please have the confidence in me that I would make this work. I wanted to continue to contribute to our household income but more importantly, I wanted more time with our son. I wanted to be there for him more, be the one that raised and I wanted to grow a business that he could look up to, seeing that you can earn a living as a creative! So the saving and the planning started and I worked hard to build up the courage to take the plunge! Since making that decision amazing things happened and I haven’t looked back.

Reflecting on my 2017 goals I am pretty proud that I can check quite a few off the list! A few are still on it that I am hoping to achieve in 2018, no hard feelings to myself for not getting to them all, we gotta be kind to ourselves right?!

2018 Business Goals

Back to Basics! I want to make an effort to experiment with film camera, for real! I put this as a goal last year but it didn’t happen so it’s back on the list as it is something that I really want to do!

Decorate Homes with Prints!  This has already started to happen and I love every time I wrap up a package to send off or deliver face to face to one of my clients! Seriously people, Facebook is not the only place your photo should be!

Fostering Relationships in the Industry and in my Business. Being a small business owner is hard work, you have heard it before I am sure, and well it is so true! I am SO incredibly lucky to have hired two amazing women in 2017 that are helping me behind the scenes, which is actually three amazing women behind the scenes because Stephanie, my web Goddess, has been with me longer than just this past year and after being hacked in 2017 she saved my website and my sanity! Lisa & Riana thanks for all you do, I would be lost without your help! We can’t run a business in a bubble, or at least that is not the type of business I want to run so I am so happy to have found people I can trust and as I grow I hope they can grow with me too! I am also super excited to be connecting with more folks in the wedding industry, collaborating to bring our clients amazing experiences!

Personal Project. I have a few ideas swirling around my mind for a personal project. Like many women I can’t stop thinking about the #metoo movement and really want to do something around this as well as have an interest in how people process grief.

Giving back through my work. I volunteered in December for the Downtown East Side Women’s Portraits and it was such a beautiful experience to be able to connect with women and pamper them for the short time they were in front of my lens. We take for granted how powerful an image is, and when I saw their reactions as the photos printed out and were handed to them, I knew I wanted to do more of this type of work.I am starting the year off with doing by going on a trip with HOPE International, which I am sure you have heard me share about. I look forward to finding other opportunities in 2018 to give back through photography.

2018 Personal Goals

As I was in a funk for the first part of the year and then so focused on getting my business up and running full throttle a lot of my 2017 personal goals didn’t happen, and so I plan to keep on chipping away at them with the biggest priority being more family time. My son is a wild, happy and energetic kid, full of life and big emotions. I have learned so much about myself through him and I am so grateful to be his mother, even on the hard days. He has shown me how to live more freely and how to get really dirty – often a sign of a great day! I want more adventures and exploring with him and my husband. I also want more quiet time. Before I know it he will be telling me to drop him off up the street embarrassed of me, so now is the time to soak up all his cuddles, while also trying to work through the tantrums!

More Family Time. My summer/fall are jammed packed with work so making the winter and spring really count is super important. I also want to work harder at documenting this time and making more family albums!

Deeper Connections. I have always been a socially outgoing person, but as I age I find myself craving deeper connections. Less busyness and more one on one interactions that enrich my soul, even if they only happen once in a blue moon it’s pretty amazing how you can feel when they do! This often feels hard to find as we are all so dang busy and going deeper takes time and mental space, but it’s where I want to invest my time that is often so limited.

Hobbies, other than Photography! I still want to learn to knit, anyone want to get together and knit and talk over tea?

So 2018, here goes nothing! I look forward to all that you have in store for me and I hope it is a great year for you too! Would love to hear what some of your goals are too, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

PS:I choose these photos for this post as this is what I want more of in 2018! Family time, nature time, exploring time, and well the foggy day made me feel reflective and quiet inside. Oh and I took them with my new Fuji XT2! Loving having a little camera for days like this!