Let me tell you, romance is alive and kickin’ in the Lower Mainland.

You’re thinking, “Sure, a wedding photographer would say that!”

But, if you just read Josiah’s proposal story, you’ll totally get what I mean.

“So, I had created a whole secret evening that would lead to me proposing, but I really wanted it to seem as if our plans fell through to take away any thoughts or expectations in her head that a proposal was coming.

“Bek and I had plans to go and watch the newest episode of Riverdale with 2 of our friends. I threw the suggestion at her that we grab dinner before hand at one of the diners that they use for filming Riverdale. When we were at dinner our friends texted us saying that they weren’t feeling good and were going to have to cancel on us.

“We then started talking about what else we could do that evening since our plans fell through. I then kinda led her along until she actually was the one to suggest that we go to a nearby park with a beautiful bridge and waterfall (which is where I had friends setting up everything for a perfect proposal).

“After she suggested going to this park, I agreed and we drove out there. By the time we got to the bridge it was almost dark and as we stepped onto the bridge, strings of lights that were wrapped all over the handrails turned on (controlled by friends hiding behind trees). I then took her hand and walked her to the middle of the bridge and got down on one knee.” ~ Josiah

See. Romance. Alive and well.

I’m grateful to work with these two, and their wedding is fast approaching. When I met Josiah, he told me that he wasn’t camera shy. I was in disbelief, as he is the first person that’s ever said so. It turns out the camera loved him and Bek!

Golden Ears Park was also good to them, and we lucked out with lovely light. I hesitate to mention that we nearly froze our toes off in the chilly air (note to self: bring wool socks). But thankfully, these two had each other to keep warm with lots of snuggles.

engagement portrait
engagement portrait
engagement portrait