If you’re a modernist, this wedding ceremony could make you weepy.

Three laptops lined the makeshift pews in Cat and Alberto’s cozy and eclectic west-end apartment. It was an elopement that never left home. Their new home, anyway.

These two met in Canada. Vancouver. To be precise.

Cat and I have been friends for a while, but since Maxwell, my son, has been around we’ve had a hard time connecting. Cat has a very busy work life. And, well, I was up to my eyeballs in motherhood.

I had no idea that Cat had met the love of her life. Until, one day she called and asked if I could photograph a wedding—right before Christmas. And, I was like…sure, but whose?

She exclaimed, “MINE!”

I nearly fell off my chair in shock and excitement!

Cat grew up in Germany, and Alberto in Spain. They wanted to keep things simple. Of course, I was thrilled to see Cat again, but to be her wedding photographer was extra special.

Cat is a sucker for strategic planning. In fact, we met each other for the first time at an unConference. It’s a meeting for changemakers and social do-gooders. So, when I arrived at their apartment for their consultation, I wasn’t surprised to see their strategic wedding plan up on the wall – pretty cute, I thought!

Neither wanted formal engagement portraits—they weren’t really into getting their picture taken. But, given they live in such a unique old building, I worked at convincing them to take a few images around their living space. Like I had suggested, we had fun with it!

On their special day, Marriage Commissioner, Linda Cohen, was at the mantel and family and friends were gathered round. Including a cheering squad that was tuning in LIVE from Madrid and Berlin.

When it was time to party, the cozy apartment was crammed with loving friends that were thrilled for these two quirky, adorable, travel-loving creatives.

I was sure to ask Cat to tell me a little about how they met. Here is what she said:

We met in April 2015, over OkCupid. We walked the seawall at the first date. Alberto thought I was standoffish and a little boring at first – but then quickly realized his terrible mistake. I am hilarious! Our first dates were in English, then we changed to Spanish. We moved in December 2015, I had not met his parents when we got married.

West End Vancouver Elopement Photography
Elopement Photography

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