Lifestyle family sessions go beyond that simple close-up or family lined up holding hands. It’s the kind of session that makes my heart grow. Burst with joy, even. It’s more candid. It tells a story. And that’s why I love lifestyle photography.

So, you can imagine how crazy I get when this type of session is booked at Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year.
Karen and Chris started a family tree hunting tradition even before their three kids came along, Addison who is 8, Joshua who is 7 and Nathan who is 3.5. The couple lived near Oh Christmas Tree Farm in Langley and loved the idea of choosing their own beautiful, fresh tree.

As kids entered the picture, they moved 45 minutes away from the farm, but every year they make the trip for super fun Christmas tree hunting. The trip always includes driving by their old home, where it all started, and where Addison and Joshua were babies.

I love the nostalgia people feel about Christmas. We remember the funniest things from Christmases past. Karen said that every single year they find, “the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had.”

Addy is at an age where she has an incredible memory. And this year, Addy said, “Mom, remember how last year we found the MOST beautiful tree.” Karen laughed at the idea that another year passes with yet another MOST beautiful Christmas tree.

“The kids love running through the trees saying, “How bout this one?” We hum and haw ‘til we can all agree. We take turns carrying the saw and pulling the wagon. We love that it is the same every year.” ~Karen

I loved presenting Karen and Chris with their slide show. And, I know that many people book a session to get that perfect shot, but this session was about documenting a tradition. Documenting is more about the in-between moments. The smiles. The laughter. The debating over which is the MOST beautiful Christmas Tree on the farm, of course.

These are the photos I hope will make it to the big screen at the kids’ weddings or mom’s 60th birthday party. And, maybe one day an album will be enjoyed by Karen’s children’s children, after returning from a hunt at Oh Christmas Tree Farm.


Karen’s reaction to the video is priceless. And makes me love families and doing Christmas Tree Hunt Lifestyle Family Sessions even more.


I was expecting a handful of good photos but THIS. Holy shit Michele. This is fucking fantastic.