Do you remember when she was just 10 days old? You lifted her teeny tiny fingers away from her palm to let her grip your finger.

Her little squawk reminded you that she was in need of a hug or a feed.

Life was simple (eat, sleep, diaper, repeat). But, busy. Oh, so busy.

In the immediate days of post-delivery, whether it’s your first or your second, you do what you can to stay in the moment. Dishes remain undone. You choose soothing your little one over pulling out the vacuum.

It all makes sense, but you still feel nervous about having a photographer see the mess – much less CAPTURE the mess. Agh!

This beautiful and wonderful newborn session was no different. Even though dear little Kaitlyn and adventurous young Gavin’s parents are close friends of mine, Mom fretted over the look of her space. But as usual, I helped move things around and organize the setting for the home photography session that she was wishing for.

I hope you know, that I never mind setting up a bed, pulling a few toys out from between couch cushions and even grabbing you a hot tea from the kitchen.

The truth is: if it makes the session move smoothly and allows you to sit back and enjoy your newborn and her older sibling for just an hour then I’m in. All in!

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