The Perks of Custom Framing Your Photos

Photography & Custom Framing by Michele Mateus Photography

As passionate as I am about taking beautiful photos, I’m even more passionate about getting those photos off the computer! Custom framing is one of my favourite ways to do that.

There are so many reasons why it matters to me that you actually view and enjoy your photos. But the #1 reason, if I can be really honest:

If you’re going to invest in high-quality photography, why oh why would you let the images die on your hard drive?! 

It’s like I always say, “friends don’t let friends waste money on photos they never display!”

Photography & Custom Framing by Michele Mateus Photography

Even more important, when you walk into a home decorated with family photos, doesn’t it warm your heart just a little? I know for my clients, a big reason for taking professional photos in the first place is to have them displayed and to share them with family and friends.

So, if you’re on the fence about printing and custom framing for your photos, I hope this list will show you all the reasons why it’s the BEST! And if you already love the idea, then this should have you nodding along.

It might even get you planning your next gallery wall project!

Photography & Custom Framing by Michele Mateus Photography

Reasons to Love Custom Framing:

You get to pick your favourite top-notch, swoon-worthy, Italian wood frames!

I know I say this a lot, but seriously I adore my clients! I’d never you guys spend your hard-earned money on anything low-quality! That’s why I work with Roma Framing. They make beautiful, sustainable wood frames that are hand-crafted in Italy. (This isn’t even an add, I just genuinely love them!)

Framing is a skill set in itself, so it’s worth working with an expert to get it right!

When you order prints, they are done in a pro lab, and they’re always archival-grade (meaning they won’t fade unless you put them in front of a bright window).

I have to say a quick thank-you to the people at Folkgraphis for teaching me everything about measuring and choosing acid-free matts, and for being patient with me while I learned. Now I get to pass the knowledge on to you guys, which is so fun!

Photography & Custom Framing by Michele Mateus Photography

Custom framing is the best shopping experience (especially if you hate shopping!)

Okay so yes, in theory you totally can drive around looking for a parking spot at Ikea, then choose some generic frame that is made of MDF. Or, you could come for coffee and a personal shopping experience where you get to choose a stylish frame with expert advice, in the comfort of my own home studio. (Hint: there’s a clear winner here!)

You get to make it yours.

With custom framing, you can choose frames of all sizes, and order as many different ones as you want. Then, configure them how you like! I have a frames that hold multiple images for a one-stop-shop, and some that pair really nicely together in gallery walls. Some families build a home gallery all at once, and some do it over time, adding to their collection as they go.

Photography & Custom Framing by Michele Mateus Photography

Custom framing easily matches your home decor!

While I try not to overwhelm you with options, I do have quite a few frame mouldings to choose from. The best part? They are all the same price!

Some people prefer the look of matting and glass, and some prefer without as there is no glare and it makes the frame lighter. It all depends on the size and location for your print.

I will help you make all of these decisions when we sit down together to shop!

The Verdict: Custom Framing is the Best! (No surprise here)

I don’t mean to put too fine a point on this, but at the end of the day, custom framing lets you to buy super high quality frames and prints that perfectly suit you and your home, through a shopping process that you’ll actually enjoy. What could be better?

Do you have custom framed images at home? I’d love to see how you put your own flare on them! 

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