Bringing a second little one into your lives is often more challenging but relaxed than your first experience. That’s why I offer Family Lifestyle Sessions.

It’s an open session, so that everyone can enjoy the moments together.

Meet the Dove Family. I’ve spent time with them before. Steve’s Mom, Marilyn, and his sister, Tori, did a session with me a while back. And, that’s how I was introduced to Steve and Heather.

Steve married Heather in November 2016. Hannah was already a big part of their lives and Henry was on his way. I was honoured to capture their wedding day.

Fast forward to today, and you find Hannah adjusting to life with a baby bro. Like most kids, she just wants to take part in something – except maybe, photos.

Games. Games. And, more games.

It was the best way to keep Hanna excited. We got a few great family shots in, but not without a ton of tickles. Hannah ran back and forth. “Tickle Daddy. Now, get Mommy!” Eventually, she got wise to our tactics and became bored with it all.

Because we had time, Dad and Hannah went off on their own to Osprey Village for a hot chocolate treat.

It was wonderful for Heather, as she had some alone time with Henry. And, I worked quickly to capture those moments that Mom rarely gets with a second child.

Hannah returned, as did the games.

I’m paraphrasing my own words, but here is how the next one went. “Go sit with Mommy and baby Henry and when I say go, you run up and press my shutter. But, as soon as you press the shutter you have to sit back down and smile for me to press the shutter. And, then you can check out the photos on the back of my camera.”

It worked. I mean, there were some really funny captures, including the one of Mom blurred against the river landscape, but we also captured some great moments.

Steve was a real champ, too. Patient through all of it.

I must say, I love it when I establish an amazing connection with a client, like Marilyn, and she refers me to the next, like Steve, and his wife Heather. I wanted to give a huge thank you to Marilyn for starting it all.

I hope I see all of you again soon.

Whether you’re on your first child or fifth, give me a call to discuss your fall Family Lifestyle Session. In September, the sun begins to fall earlier in the day, which means that the kids can stay up for the golden hour (best light of the day).

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