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        What to Expect & Common FAQ's
        Work with Michele!


        I believe photographs should tell a story. To freeze time and build a collection of memories. Photographs are important parts of our history, and I am so grateful I get to do this work with and for others.

        When you work with me you can expect someone who is easy going and professional. I like to be fun and silly, but I watch the time and keep us on track to get the job done!

        I aim to offer the best client experience, with clear communication, and full service from creation to delivery. It’s my personal mission to to help people experience the photos I create for them. And by that I mean GET.THEM.OFF.THE.COMPUTER.

        I, my friends, am a Photographer that goes beyond a USB and I am proud of that! And when you see the results you will be so happy you choose me.

        ARE WE A GOOD FIT?

        I don’t believe everyone is my client, and encourage you to think beyond price when looking for a photographer. You need to feel connected to your photographer so that you will feel comfortable, trust me it helps a lot!

        I only take on a certain amount of clients a year to stay true to committing to my family. I can honestly say I would invite my past clients over for a dinner party!

        I would describe my pervious clients as: fun loving, stylish, foodies, pet lovers, nature lovers who care more about authentic connections than the colour of their napkins.

        They have been ok to get their dress a little dirty, not fuss when their kid spills mustard on their shirt (ok they are not happy about it but they roll with it!) and to tear up when I hand them their albums.

        If this sounds like you, then I think we are going to get along just fine!


        Common FAQ's
        You shoot weddings and families, but what's your preference?
        What is your approach to photography?
        What's your editing style
        Why print things?
        What products do you offer?
        Do you work outside of Vancouver
        Human Connection is my Jam!
        I know that sounds SUPER cheesy, but seriously I love people, and I love seeing people come together to celebrate anything. What else could be better? And because I personally connect so well with those I work with on their weddings it's a natural progression to be their Photographer of choice of their families grow. Just saying that makes my heart so full!