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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

FAQs For All We Do!

Overtime I have noticed the same questions come up so I put together a list of the FAQs related to the various session types we have. Don’t see an answer to your question? No problem, just reach out and I would be happy to help!

Wedding FAQs

Your engagement session is fun and relaxed. It will give you a chance to get to know me better, and to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, you walk away with photos you can use for your save-the-dates, your guestbook, or your place cards.
Four eyes are better than two! A second shooter helps capture different angles during your first look, ceremony and reception.
I always do a mix of candid moments and naturally romantic portraits. I offer direction when it’s needed, and make sure I am stealthy, moving around all day to catch everything from the soft, tender moments to the big, belly laughs.
Yes! Even though I’m all about the heirloom displays, I give you digital copies, too. This way, you can print copies for family and friends and share your photos online.
On average, you’ll receive 50 images/per hour of time covered, but this varies a bit from couple to couple.
Between May-October my turn around time is 8 weeks, and between October-May it’s around 6 weeks.

Family Session FAQs

I just love human connection. It moves and inspires me to do what I do everyday, no matter the setting. I love to be there when new families are started, when they grow, and when they change. I shoot weddings, newborn photos, and family sessions with young kids, but also do a lot of family photo sessions with older kids going off to college, and adult children with their parents and grandparents, capturing generations of a family.
I work hard to capture those classic family shots, with fun candid moments in between. I take a “lifestyle approach,” which means I don't pose you in stiff and awkward ways, but I will give you direction.
Full service means that I help you from beginning to end; planning your session, directing and guiding the shoot, and helping you purchase the perfect albums and custom photo pieces afterwards. Photos deserve to be experienced in both tangible and digital ways. It's my goal to make that happen for you!
You bet! I can offer ideas on what to wear and where to go. (I usually suggest a place your family loves, or shooting a family tradition like getting your Christmas tree or going for ice cream at the park.)
I do a clean edit on all my photos to match my photographic style, which is bright and happy. The photos you choose for wall art or albums get a little extra editing TLC.
Once your photos are ready, I’ll invite you to my home studio for the big reveal and ordering session! We’ll go through them together, and I’ll help you decide on the ones you love most and how to display them in (prints, albums, wall art and/or digital files). We’ll place your order, and in a few short weeks you’ll have photo pieces and wall art to last a lifetime!
If you’re not sure, send me a photo of the room you want art for. I can pop it into this fancy software for professional photographers that will show you how your image looks on your wall, to size!

Portrait Session FAQs

The session fee covers having you pampered by our inhouse hair and makeup artist.
You will be invited for a reveal and ordering session where I will show you your final images and you only have to purchase the ones you love! All print purchases come with matching digital files so you can show your photos off online as well as have amazing archival heirlooms to enjoy now and pass on for generations.
That all depends on you and the photos you love. I don’t believe in pressure sales! I want you to choose the images YOU love ad how you want to enjoy them. We will go over this during your consultation as well. On average most of my clients invest $1200 for their portrait sessions.
Absolutely! I want to make sure we plan out your session so you look and feel your best on the day we photograph you. I truly believe this process helps us to get to know each other, which then will help you feel more comfortable once my camera comes out. It also allows us to plan your outfits and I can show you some of my products so you can start thinking about how you might want to enjoy your photos once they are ready.
A studio portrait session is 2.5 hours. The first hour you will have your hair and makeup done by my professional hair and makeup artist and then we will get shooting!
While I think each and everyone of us looks beautiful without hair and makeup done, I do believe we need to spoil ourselves once, plus we want you to look and FEEL fabulous for your session! This is why I have carefully selected a Makeup Artist to work exclusively with, as I know her work is amazing and my clients love the experience of being pampered by her. All you have to do is show up with a clean face and let us take care of the rest!
I recommend bringing a variety of looks. We can fit in three different looks in the time we have together. We will discuss wardrobe when we did your pre-session consultation.
Feel free to bring any accessories (hats, scarves, glasses, statement jewelry etc…) Whatever makes you feel fabulous when you wear it then go ahead and bring it!
You bet you can! I just need to know ahead of time so we can adjust the length of your shoot to be a bit longer. Depending on who it is we can discuss the best time for them to arrive to join you. If you want to have small children join you I always suggest them come after you have had your time in the spotlight. These sessions make for a great way to spend time with a loved one and honour your connection, as well as a fun girls day out! Make sure to book something after as you will look amazing!
Only if they also need hair and makeup done. Otherwise they are free to join your session!
I will invite you back for your reveal and ordering session two weeks after your photoshoot.
Yes I do! All the images purchased will be accompanied by their matching digital files. I also have digital file packages available. I also have amazing collections that help you get the most out of your images with great value added!