It’s that time of year again to set some goals to help drive me for 2016! I am proud to say I met all my goals for 2015 and even exceeded a few! I had the intention to just try second shooting a wedding and well I did 12 and shot 3 alone with 3 already booked for this year!

The photo I choose for this blog post is one that I love so much that i recently took. I had just been to Big White in Kelowna and we were slowly driving down the Mountain and I pulled out my camera and started to experiment with movement and slow shutter speeds. I love how this image has a sense of movement yet there is a sense of calm based on the composition and colour tones. Big White is such a lovely mountain with powdery snow and tree’s that are weighed down with it, creating an almost Dr. Suess like look to them. I was enchanted by the beauty there and this image, though abstract, really captures that for me. I know that 2016 is going to be a full and fast paced year, I am a working mama with a business and doing my masters degree right now – crazy I know! But I hope like in this image, I can find a balance of calm amongst the chaos of life. I want to enjoy time with friends and family and take more time to be in nature and I want to always be pushing myself to carry my camera and see the world deeply through my lens.

I have been known to say that photography is my yoga, and it’s so true! Often when people hear how loaded my schedule is they suggest maybe I give it a break for this next year and I think to myself: are you nuts, it’s what keeps me sane! So here is to a year of finding balance and peace in the chaos of life. Enjoying creativity, meeting new clients, seeing old ones and learning so much more!


  • Learn new ways to manipulate light. After all it’s all about the light!
  • Offer my clients amazing products such as books, canvases and prints, because let’s be honest people your photos need to get off your hard drives and onto your walls!
  • Blog, blog, blog! This always falls to the bottom of the list of things to do and I want to make it more of a priority this year.
  • Get in front of my own camera more. I feel this will help me learn new techniques and keep me modest while understanding how clients feel in front of a lens.
  • Do some outdoor boudoir shoots, because women and nature are a great combo! Actually I should say that doing more boudoir and also nude photography is a BIG GOAL of mine for 2016! I just started doing this and I adore this type of work. It allows me to work with women and create with them while celebrating who they are. It’s empowering both for them and me as their photographer as I am always so moved by their bravery to get in front of the camera in such a vulnerable way and am blown about by their amazing life stories. Such an honour to do this type of work.
  • Play with my film camera more.
  • Learn to use a tablet to edit my photos.