A few weeks back Heather who was an old colleague of mine that I used to work with at the Boys and Girls Club with contacted me telling me she was pregnant and that she wanted me to do her maternity photoshoot! I was very honoured that she choose me to do this special session for her and excited to see her again as it has been around 7 years since I saw her last, ok well there’s Facebook updates but that’s not nearly the same!

We choose a date and got rained out of that one so a week later despite it also being a rainy day we went ahead with the shoot and once we got to the chosen location it was dry and luckily not busy at all, probably because people were scared off by the wet weather, which worked in our favour! Heather and Maren choose such a great spot and one I had not shot at before which is always fun!  We were down at the very end of Spanish Banks just passed the off leash dog area and around the corner a wee bit. We had all the elements one could ask for out of Vancouver. Green, ocean and a lovely city skyline, though it was a bit cloudy still we could still make it out. Note to self: ask clients what footwear I should wear just in case…let’s just say I fell a few times out of my own sheer clumsiness on the rocks at the beach.

These two had never really had their photos done in the past and they knocked it out of the park, honestly because they are so in love and were adorably mushy! It was so great to see an old friend all loved up and ready to have a child with someone that was so in love with her. They were also so playful, especially Maren who loved to bite Heathers nose which I managed to capture s a few times. They also took some time to practice some great parenting skills: hand clapping games! Reminded me of when we worked at the Boys and Girls Club and we had a few minutes thinking back to the littles we worked with there.

Though my favourite part of our session was when I sat them both down on a log to relax a bit and caught Maren whispering to Heather, who was tearing up, apparently something this pregnancy has had her doing that quite a lot, you know something they call hormones (don’t we know it mama’s!)  These tears were tears of joy, I could tell. They were holding each other tight and I heard Maren say she loved Heather and that was about all I heard, but the emotions coming from the two was so strong I even began to tear up behind the lens. In fact I was so taken by their lovely energy and just wanted to keep shooting that we lost track of time and Maren’s sister was waiting for them in a pizza shop as they had her car – oops! So sorry Maren’s sister, was all my fault!

Heather and Maren, also known as mom squared as proclaimed by themselves, are going to be a super star mom team. I could feel so much love for their unborn child and one another, which left me smiling from ear to ear when I looked back to edit the photos. Thanks so much for having me do this shoot for you both, I am so happy for you both to have found someone that fills you with so much love! I hope to meet baby earth side soon. In fact as I proof read this blog post I think I counted the word love a zillion times! You two really do have something extra special.