Michele Mateus Photography

Last night I spent my evening photographing Ingrid & Ryan’s engagement session at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. It was pretty cool when Ingrid reached out to me to be her wedding photographer as she saw some of my work on one of my pervious clients desk who is her colleague and mentioned that I took them. The six degrees of separation in this story is that we all  knew each other from the Volunteer Management world which is where I used to spend most of my professional time (now I spend it all here!) where we were all members of AVRBC. It’s always nice to have a referral and a pre-connection to a client, so we were both quite excited to work together.

Ingrid and I met for coffee to go over her wedding plans and she told me then that Ryan was not a fan of the camera, but he proved us wrong last night! Both Ingrid and Ryan were so easy going, very giddy and from what I could tell comfortable in front of the camera without any problems at all, ok expect for a few intentionally funny puckering faces which they get to see in their private gallery ; )

Ryan and Ingrid knew each other in Junior High, but not very well.  Life took them in different directions, both married others and had families. Ryan has been Ingrid’s brother in laws best friend for many years so they kept ending up at the same functions with their then families. Both Ryan and Ingrid ended up ending those previous relationships and found themselves as single parents at her sisters Thanksgiving 4 years (where her sister sat them together, math maker much!)  Neither of them where ready for anything at that time, so they enjoyed each others company and went off on their separate ways.  The next Thanksgiving they again found themselves at her sisters Thanksgiving dinner, and again sat together.  This time they exchanged numbers and the rest is history!

As Thanksgiving have a lot of meaning for these love birds that is the weekending they will marry and I can’t wait! They will be with their four children (Ryan’s: Rylee aged 14 & Keifer aged 10, Ingrid’s: Ellie aged 13 & Nolan aged 9) on a weekend that kicked it all off for them and I am so honoured that they choose me to be their photographer!