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        It’s any Vancouver photographer’s dream to follow clients through life’s most remarkable moments. So, when, engagement & wedding photography clients, Kristin & Matt told me that they were having a baby, I was over the moon with excitement.

        Everly Rose Wiese was born May 14, 2018, and shortly after that she travelled from her home in Alberta to meet her grandparents – both sets live in BC.

        Having Kristin & Matt return to BC and then call to connect with me for their first ever family session touched my heart. Capturing a couple moving through life, from engaged to married and on to sharing a life with a teeny-tiny human being, is an unreal experience.

        Find out what Kristin & Matt were up to pre-kiddo.

        We started our newborn session at Matt’s parents’ place. And eventually moved to a nearby Surrey park for a little relaxing with Everly. She slept while I photographed her parents indulging her cuteness.

        Matt is an RCMP officer, a serious gig, but even if he’s serious at work, he dropped all of that when he gazed at his little girl – it was just pure love. A proud papa, for sure!

        Check out Matt in his traditional Mountie uniform on his wedding day.

        As you might remember, I put out an invite, in my blog Fur Babies Welcome, to bring your family pet to the next session. Well, Bear answered that casting call.

        With a new babe in the house, dogs can feel left out for a little while. Which could explain why Bear was loving the attention from me. Or maybe he’s just a total camera hound?!

        I always make it my goal to find and make clients for life, and Kristin & Matt are no exception.

        What about you? When you’re choosing a Wedding photographer, do you make it a goal to find a photographer that can help you maintain a wall of memories over a lifetime?

        Comment in the comment section below. I’d love to know your thoughts.