Spring Clean: A Simple Mantra to Level Up

It’s our 3rd and final week of Spring Cleaning Our Businesses blog series. How are you doing with it? Haven’t Lisa’s tips been great?! We’ve learned how to tame our time with our devices and how to start our days on purpose, and this week it’s all about listening to your gut instincts to level up your life!

And, bonus, keep reading to the end as Lisa and I are offering you a special opportunity to work with both of us to spark some change in your business! I’m so excited about it! 

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Oh and I feel this post warrants a bit of an fyi, lol. Like me, Lisa looooves her F’words, so buckle up as she takes us on an exciting ride to get our businesses fired up to the next level!

How to Level UP with Lisa

Warning, juicy language ahead that is not appropriate for young eyes … unless you roll like this Mama and wear t-shirts that say, “Good moms say bad words”.

Seriously, this final tip for my three-part spring clean series is simple and powerful, and when used consistently, will change your life.

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Looking to Up-Level Your Life?

Check in with yourself when you’re making decisions and use this mantra like a north star to guide you through each and every decision you make.

If it isn’t a Fuck Yeah, It’s a Hell No!

Trust me, this works every, single, time. Think about it, if you continue to show up with the same, you get the same.

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How You Can Level-Up Using This Method

Checking in with yourself before making decisions is in itself a powerful habit. And taking stock of how your energy, body and thoughts respond by waiting for that inner ding of Fuck Yeah!! Or, honouring that meh feeling that equals a resounding Hell No!!

Using this method to filter asks of your time, opportunities, and even financial investments, will support you to level up into the high performance zone in any area of your life.

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Level-Up Examples

Looking to hire a VA and you find yourself struggling to ignore that feeling in your gut that they aren’t the right fit because a friend referred them and they seem nice? It’s a Hell No, not to their face of course. Be gracious and kind about it.

A contact asks you to join a committee but you just promised yourself you were going to scale back on your commitments so you could work ON your business and create space for some much needed self-care. Another Hell No!!

You’re looking for a new business coach and they make you feel seen, heard and understood and like anything is possible. You’re beyond excited for the future. That’s a Fuck Yeah!

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Trust me, you’re not here for just okay, or mediocre. This precious life you are living is yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

Take the velocity of spring energy and Fuck Yeah! all over your life.

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Thanks, Michele, for sharing your blog with me. It’s been fun and when you asked me, it was an instant Fuck Yeah!!

Like Michele, I’m a life-long learner and love sharing it with others. Follow me on Instagram @BloomLisa to join a community of purpose driven change makers.

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I’m so appreciative of my frient (client turned friend) Lisa van Reeuwyk and all of her wisdom. Thank you Lisa for sharing these fantastic tips for not just small business owners, but everyone here! I mean, with anything you do in life, it should be a Fuck Yeah! Am I right?!

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Let’s Fire Up Your Biz

Now, if you’ve loved this Spring Clean Your Business series and you’re super revved up and excited about continuing to elevate your business and spark some change, Lisa and I have a special offer just for YOU! This package includes an Elevate Your Brand Photo Session with me, and a 90 Minute Business Explosion Strategy Session with Lisa for just $1397! That’s a $397 savings for our two services! Boom!!

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So what exactly is all this? Well, the Elevate Your Brand Personal Branding Photo Session is 2 hours long with 30 images, and is perfect for someone just starting off or looking to do a brand refresh. PLUS, with the help of Lisa’s 90 minute Business Explosion Strategy consultation, this is a great way to get clarity, refresh your ideas, and kick start your biz and energy. This special offer can be booked until July 1, 2021, with all elements to be completed by September 30, 2021. To book, simply click below or reach out to either myself or Lisa with any questions. We both offer complimentary consultations.

Michele Mateus is an award winning Vancouver area Personal Branding Photographer & Portrait Photographer based in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.