Erik and Lisa will share their wedding vows on August 26th, as their wedding photographer, I must say, I am looking forward to it!

When I met them back in February, they had just gotten engaged and August seemed miles away. Not anymore – so, I thought it would be a great time to share their Engagement Session.

James, Erik’s best man, referred this gorgeous couple to me. I know James, a talented web programmer, and owner of Terminal City Media, from my previous work-life. He once shared his love for craft beer with me which came in handy.  I planned to meet Erik and his bride-to-be at Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co. in Pitt Meadows. My Spidey-sense told me Erik would enjoy it.

The location was a hit. Our beer and conversation (a.k.a. Complimentary Wedding Consultation) couldn’t have gone any better.

I felt as though my quirky and easy-going style would make a great fit for these two, and judging by how quickly they booked me in, I suspected they thought so too. Within days we started planning.

First the  Pitt Meadows engagement session.

Now, I am often looking for a location that means something to both of you, but I just couldn’t help myself with this location even though the idea was born of Erik’s solo Pokémon Go chase.

Yep, you heard that right. Erik was on his way home from work one night, and just had to stop the car and hunt for a Pokémon that had turned up in the area. Lucky for him, he was led to a beautiful temple.

When I heard this story I laughed, but when I saw the temple I gushed. It was such a unique space. Fun and quirky quotes dot the landscape and are the perfect compliment to the amazing and calming greenery.

Perfect for an Engagement Session.

I met Lisa and Erik, at the gates shortly before the magic hour, known as the hour or so before the sun sets. They playfully worked their way around the gardens with me. I gave gentle direction, but the “poses” were all natural – this is the part of what I enjoy most about being a lifestyle photographer. It’s not meant to include a high-level of direction. It’s meant to be calm and freeing for the couple to enjoy the moments.

Everything came together in this Engagement Session. It led me to many wonderful images that flow through time – simply and elegantly.

We were so distracted by the temple gardens that we were forced to bust it over to Pitt Lake to catch the sunset. I’m glad we made it. The magic hour is filled with light that makes everything glow. The mountains. The trees. And, the lovers.



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