Dads, I love you too, but this one is all for mom!

Mama Love sessions were inspired by my own mama. I lost her when she was only 49 and still wish I had beautiful portraits of her, and more importantly, photos with her. So often we focus on our kids and documenting every part of their sweet lives. But I know first hand when we are gone, our children will look for photos of us. We need to exist in photos, for us and for them. 

But, Mama Love is also about self love. It’s hard to feel incredible when you have snot on your sleeve and 3 days’ worth of dry shampoo in your hair. So if it’s been a while since you felt like yourself, or since you felt a little va-va-voom, or maybe even since you looked in the mirror and just felt good, then you’re exactly who I created these session for. Whether it’s you with your children, or you with your own mother, you’ll walk away with photos that capture the beautiful bond you share. 

We’re going to celebrate the mama and the woman in you. And I promise, you’ll feel amazing. 

Mama Love

“Motherhood: all love begins & ends there.” – Robert Browning

What is a Mama Love session?

A studio portrait photography session, done in my home studio, that includes wardrobe styling and professional hair and makeup. Jenny, a professional makeup and hair artist will be here to start the day off by inviting you to sit and melt into her chair as she works her magic. Then, the photography: you on your own, your kids by themselves, and then you with your children. We’ll do it all in two different outfits– one casual and one fabulous– because seriously, how often do we get to feel fabulous as busy moms?! 

The session is 3 hours long: 1 for hair and makeup and 2 for photos. While two hours seems like a long time, trust me it flies by.

If you have younger kids, I’ll usually photograph them while you get ready, but some moms choose to have their kids dropped off when it’s their turn in the spotlight. (Note: these sessions are ideal for children ages 5+)

Mama Love

Why do a Mama Love session?

Because, well, you deserve to feel pampered and amazing! 

I am all for raw beauty, but I know that when I go for a pedicure or to get my roots done I feel amazing after! I might even schedule a date night that night. Who knows! 

What I do know is that those experiences are about much more than nail polish and getting rid of my grey. They’re about giving me time to relax with the bonus of looking in the mirror and feeling refreshed! 

So, I want you to bring something amazing that you never get the chance to wear, but I also want you to bring your fav oversized shirt or fav sweater & jeans, because there’s beauty at every angle. I want to give you the space to connect with your children or your mum, and enough pause to reflect on how amazing it is to be a mom and a woman.

Self-talk check point:

Just in case you love the idea of these photos but are currently saying something to yourself along the lines of:

I’ll do this when I lose the weight.
I love her photos, but I’m no a model! I could never do that.
I’m just not that kind of girl.
My pictures would definitely not look as nice as that.

Mama, hear this: you are beautiful just as you are. It’s okay to think these things at times, or at least, it’s totally normal that you do. Trust me, I have said these to myself and heard other women say them enough times to know. 

But if you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: you have so. much. value. and you are enough exactly as you are, right now, today.

Show them what self-love looks like

Even if you don’t feel like you look your best right now, and especially if you haven’t felt amazing in a while, getting dolled up and seeing yourself through others’ eyes in these photos will be life changing. Seriously.

Mama Love

Let’s show our kids what real confidence and beauty looks like! The kind that comes from loving ourselves exactly as we are. 

Building self-esteem and confidence begins when girls are introduced to their first social interactions in pre-school and kindergarten. Mean words can hurt and leave lasting scars. It is my mission to provide a safe and compassionate environment where women of all ages can celebrate her individuality and know that she is worthy of feeling beautiful.

– Bethany Johs

One of the best parts: the photo reveal

Surprisingly, the photo reveal session we’ll have when your photos are ready is one of the most special and emotional parts of the process. 

Come to my house for a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), and I’ll have all of your photos waiting. I’ll show you all of your images and you can choose which you want to take home with you. Fair warning: most of my clients are really moved when the see their shots. It’s always emotional to see beautiful pictures of your kids, but absolutely loving the photos of yourself and feeling confident? That’s powerful. (Don’t worry, I have Kleenex!)

Okay, these are gorgeous!