September 11, 2015 /

Meet Gracie | Family Portrait, Port Moody


This portrait session was very special to me, as it was of friends of mine and their beautiful Great Dane Gracie.

A few weeks before this session took place Aimee and Dave came home with their baby only to found strangers invading their home. It was an awful experience for them on so many levels. I can’t even imagine someone breaking into my home, let alone when I come home to find them there while with my young son in my arms.

Luckily the intruders left quickly once they realized Aimee and Dave were home, and it seemed they had not been there long, so not to much was stolen (though her engagement ring sadly was).

What was really sad is that the intruders seemed to have tasered their beloved dog and were responsible for what later seemed to be be the breaking of her back. Their was fear that Gracie would have to be put down because of this and so they asked me if I would do a family session with them to feature and remember her by.

We went to Old Orchard Park in Port Moody and poor Gracie would yelp in pain as she moved around, it was quite heart breaking as Gracie is such a loveable big girl!

Doing a photoshoot with a toddler is always fun, and when you are trying to rope in a toddler to come cuddle a big sick puppy, well that’s even more of a challenge! I pulled out some fun tricks, like having Gavin act like a Robot and walk slowly toward Gracie rather than get her too excited. Oh and then I noticed some flowers so he and I decided to pick them and give them to her, which was super cute.

We had a lovely photo session and I am super happy to report that Gracie did not have to be put down! I hope that she can continue to repair and does well moving forward. She’s such a cutie and I am so grateful to be able to get cuddles from her from time to time!

Below are a few of my favourite shots from this session, gotta love how Gavin brought his hockey puck! You can also see more from this lovely and very special family session by clicking HERE.

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