This Team Headshot Session came in as a referral from a Vancouver photographer and friend (who recently moved away). I must say, I am grateful for the wonderful connection that my friend has helped me make.

These cool training specialists do heavy work. Anne, Suzanne and Hailey oversee the programming at Arete Safety and Prevention Inc. Arete trainers travel around the lower mainland providing governments and companies with the tools needed to stop workplace harassment and violence.

While the topic is serious, the women I captured are not. They love a good time. They have vibrant and witty personalities. In fact, I’d love to be a fly on the wall of their office – I’ll bet it’s an awesome time.

Our goal was to get headshots, but the outtakes are what I enjoyed the most. Yes, the shoot was fun, but so was processing the images. Isn’t it amazing how a single photo can bring you back to a fit of laughter?!

I always hope for a solid belly laugh whenever I am out doing a personal branding session – this one fit the bill perfectly. I also appreciate that the Arete team was a part of the creative direction – they found the funky backdrop for their images.

Hugh, Arete’s founder, was pleased with the shoot and invited me to a recent conference as their official event photographer. It was very rewarding to build a new relationship with a new company. I hope it lasts a very long time.

If your team is looking to update your headshots and you love having fun at work, make sure to get in touch!

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