A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph Lisa Van Reeuwyk, who I met at a local entrepreneur group I am part of. Though I had met Lisa a few times I never really had the chance to talk to her much or get to know her. When I get the chance to photograph people I like to spend time with them, get to know them and have some fun together! This also helps clients feel more comfortable in front of my camera and works to develop a relationship with my clients beyond the photoshoot just being a transaction like experience.

My time with Lisa was beyond fun! She has such an amazing personality, loves to laugh, tell stories, be silly and enjoys funk music just like me! Her session really goes to show that headsets don’t have to be stiff and stuffy. We can have fun together, take our time and experiment with looks. I don’t like being rushed and it often takes time for people to warm up, even the most outdoing people need that time, including Lisa. She was a bit nervous to being with, but by the end we were dancing around my space!

She is a business coach, you can see her website here: http://bloomlisa.com and her goal is to work with individuals and businesses to harness big dreams and arm them with the daily tools to create an abundant life! Let me tell you this amazing woman is so full of life and is such a warm spirit that I fully believe she will be able to help anyone out of a business or personal slump, so if you need some coaching and are in Port Moody or the Tri-Cities area, make sure to look her up!

Thanks so much Lisa for choosing me as your photographer, it was such a delight to work with you : ) Here are some of my favourite photos from our session.

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