Mateus Creative

Social Media Stock Photos with Style!

More and more we are learning that our online process is a big deal! We also know that is is such a pain point for many people when they think about creating content for their social media. We know that it is not always easy for small businesses to hire a photographer for every single campaign you may want to run, or just to jazz up your current social media feed with some fun images.

We also know that is is not ethical, nor legal to screenshot photos you find through Google image search to use for your marketing needs. ps: make sure you are not doing that.

So that is why Michele Mateus Photography has came up with Mateus Creative, a curated collection of stock photos for your social media and online marketing needs. We will be adding curated collections of instantly downloadable photos that you can use to inject some style and fun into your social media feeds. Collections are priced to make it affordable for small business owners, and we plan to keep adding new collections to our library, so make sure you get on our email list so we can keep you updated with all the new ones as they come out.

The photos will be meant for DIGITAL USE only, and all the details and specs are listed with each collection. We truly hope you love using our stock photo collections! Now go out there and have some fun!