Rocky Point Park in Port Moody is a wonderful place to explore – especially during a sunset engagement session.

Looking back at this session, it was wonderful, but I must say I’m really looking forward to their wedding next September. I know, it seems like a long way away. But, I’m so glad that they’re already booked in.

They’ve picked their song. Tee hee…

Yep, I found out during our session. Stephanie & Scott were standing silently below the towering trees. And, because I love asking this question, I thought it was a good time to throw it out there: “What song will you dance to on your wedding day?”

Scott cried out, “Baby Got Back!” We buckled with laughter. And then they started dancing like a couple of silly fools – which I totally LOVED capturing.

I’m pretty sure he was joking. Or maybe, it’s their song now?! It could be romantic – in its own way. The thing I love most is that Scott, the shy one, blurted out such an unbelievably cheesy song. It was definitely a signal that I’ve found my people.

Given they were so open to being silly, I felt I could be myself too. So, while we were down at the beach, I noticed a lime green and fluorescent yellow thingy poking out from a couple of rocks.

I handed my camera off. I cinched up my pant legs and I waded in.

It wasn’t long before I sunk, in Ked cloth runners, into the muck. It was hard to walk through the wet sand and rock, but once I made it I squealed with absolute glee.

Some super cool kids had left their water guns behind. When I got back to solid ground, I checked in with Stephanie & Scott. As I had suspected, they were all-in on a water fight.

In fact, they had so much fun that Stephanie thought water guns might make it onto the dining tables as wedding favours – I will let you know next fall if that was actually a joke (I’m secretly hoping she was serious about this one).

We rounded out our session with a drippy & downright delicious cone from Rocky Point Ice Cream, then headed to Parkside Brewery for a debrief 😉.

Rocky Point is a wonderful place to be any time of year. But, fall sunset sessions are awesome because there’s no waiting ‘til late to get out there. We can start our sessions in the late afternoon.

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