What to Expect &
Common FAQ's

Are we a good fit?


You would describe yourself as: fun loving, sentimental soul who cares deeply about your family and friends.

You appreciate authenticity over anything else. You love big belly laughs and might even let out the occasional snort!

You are ok if your dress gets a little dirty on your wedding day and you love the balance of fashion + comfort!

You tear up when you flip through old family photo albums and have a box of keepsakes, maybe even a few that spark joy for you when you go though them.

You value having photos of your loved ones as part of your home decor and appreciate tangible over digital any day! I have a feeling you might even own a record player, nothing beats the sound of vinyl!

Oh and let me guess, you are a busy person whose list is always so long you can't catch up!


Like you, my family and friends are my world and I care about having photos of my experiences with them all over my home! I want you to have have an amazing boutique experience when you work with me, walking away with stylish heirlooms that will fill your home and your hearts every time you look at them.

When you work with me you can expect someone who is easy going and professional. I like to be fun and silly, but I watch the time and keep us on track to get the job done!

All the products you will see in my boutique are high quality and handmade, offering you the reassurance that your precious moments will be preserved in the best ways!

I do this work because I truly care about people and preserving history. I consider what I do a co-creation between us, I bring the skills and talent and you bring your vision and stories that need to be captured.

I want to thank you in advance for inviting me to be part of your story!


You shoot weddings and families, but what's your preference?


I get asked this question all the time and the simple truth is I love working with people at all stages of their lives, knowing that I am preserving important memories for them and their loved ones. Weddings are often where families become one, and as these families grow I remain the Photographer of choice for them. It's such an honour to go from photographing walking down the aisle to first steps.

What is your approach to photography?


My photographic style is a mix between capturing candid moments and creating timeless portraits. I aim to capture moments that express a range of emotion, from those big belly laughs, to gentle happy tears, to the quiet embrace at sunset. And of course that classic mom and dad shot where everyone looks at the camera, trust me you want one, I did too, it's on my mantle!

What's your editing style?


My editing style is clean, timeless and wants to keep your images as genuine as possible. My motto is if it's not meant to be there (like a zit!) I will remove it. All photos bought as wall art or for albums do get some extra editing love. I like to think of my work as bright and cherry! All the colours are natural and fresh, and all the people are left in tact. No weird nipping and tucking in my editing workflow.

Why print things?


Ha ha, no I get it we all like digital files for sharing and emailing, but don't you think your photos deserve more? I started to question why people paid money for photos only to leave them hiding on a hard drive, this also made me sad. So when I had that epiphany I decided to go on a personal mission and make sure EVERYONE I work with gets something in print. And the best part is I do it all for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

What products do you offer?


I offer albums, custom framed wall art, canvas prints and gift prints. All my printed products are done in professional print labs and my albums and frames come from Italy, only the best for you! Come see them, they seriously speak for themselves. I am not much for being salesy, I just want you to have the best, so I offer it and you pick what you like. No pressure at all.

Do you work outside of Vancouver?


Absolutely, I am happy to travel for a shoot. Let's chat about what you are planning and we can work together to figure out the travel costs.