We'd be a great fit if:


You run your business with from a heart centred place, where relationships matter!

You believe in quality over quantity, always with a splash of style!

You want to show yourself and the passion you have for what you do.

You love big, belly laughs (and might even let out the occasional snort!).

You’re a sucker for the authentic, the experience, and the exceptional.

Whether you’re crying laughing with friends over good wine, sipping that first cup of French press coffee in the morning, or enjoying the sweet sound of a vinyl record, you know that nothing can replace what’s real.

Yoga poses

I bring the skills and talent
(and all the dang gear!),
but you bring something
even more important: YOU.
Together, we will tell your
story with photos that capture
exactly how you feel.

I don’t take myself too seriously.


Hi I’m Michele, your Vancouver Personal Brand Photographer!

Are you ready for me to be your biggest cheerleader?

I have a huge heart and I love people.

I keep things light in life, practice gratitude, and I’m always up for ice cream! Oh, and I love what I do.

To me, being a photographer is about so much more than giving you pretty photos to share online. It’s about helping you tell your story, and being part of creating your legacy.

There’s a good chance we’ll laugh the whole day away together (and you’ll have incredible photos to show for it).

I learned the hard way that once a moment has passed, you can’t get it back, so I help people preserve the days and the people that matter most. I bend over backwards for my clients. Seriously, I just love my frients!

I take care of all the timelines and every little detail, so you can relax and be present. I even made up my own word for you as I find the word client so clinical! My preferred word is ‘frient’ which means a friend who started off as my client, clever right?

I became a photographer so I could give people the photos that I never had.

Because before you know it, today will be a sweet memory. You’ll be celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, and those little feet (that are driving you bananas at the moment) won’t be so little anymore. I lost my mother to cancer when she was just 49. Afterwards, I realized that I only have a handful of photos of us together, and it broke my heart. Now, the few photos I have of my mother are my most cherished possessions.  I’ve made sure to have them up all over our home so that my son, who never got to meet her, can see the amazing woman I proudly call my mom. As a Personal Brand Photographer, based in Coquitlam, BC, I encourage my clients to print one of their favourite portraits from their session and even to include a quick cameo of their loved ones into their session. I truly believe while we may be creating content for your businesses we are helping you exist in time and history, and nothing celebrates that more than prints in our homes.

Michele Mateus photography, Fraser valley wedding photographer

Some Fun Facts!

My clients often tell me that it’s not just life philosophies that we share, it’s the commonalities in our everyday lives that truly make us a fantastic fit.

  • I have an insatiable lust for life, my scrunchy smile is a sign of that
  • According to Myers Briggs, I’m an ENFJ-A, and so are Oprah and Obama
  • I am a dog lover. My first one was a Bulldog and my recent fur baby is a rescue Terrier from Mexico who I think looks like Toto!
  • Vegan Ice Cream is my vice. It’s gotta have nuts and chocolate
  • I love house plants, except I am prone to kill succulents
  • I love to sing – bring on the karaoke nights!
  • I’m kind, with a fiery side. It comes from being Brazilian, I think!
  • Whenever I need a good laugh, I turn to Arrested Development. I love it so much that the theme song is my ringtone
  • Finally, I like to make lists. Can you tell?