5 Things I Love About Being a Wedding Photographer

Hi friend! I’m Michele. In case we haven’t met yet, I am a Vancouver-based wedding photographer, and I love what I do. I have been a wedding photographer for 5 years, and I still get excited about what I do because I get to photograph fantastic humans, and help couples turn their best memories into photos and heirlooms they are absolutely obsessed with.

I’m feeling a little sentimental about it, so today I thought I’d share the 5 things I love most about being a wedding photographer. Here goes nothing!

#1 The People

Let’s be honest: all weddings have a formula. It starts with getting ready, then sometimes a first look, then the ceremony, and the reception, which probably includes a first dance, speeches, food, and sometimes games. But even though I pretty much know exactly what to expect every single time I photograph a wedding, there’s one thing that keeps me head over heels for what I do: the PEOPLE! 

I don’t mean to brag or anything but… okay yes I do! I seriously have won the lottery when it comes to amazing clients. Between you and I, I have this dream of hosting a big BBQ at my house and inviting all my previous couples over, because I would LOVE to see them all again (and I’m already sure that they’d all get along). 

This is a big reason why I do complimentary family sessions for life with all of my wedding clients. I just feel so invested in their story, and it’s truly my pleasure to keep documenting their lives together. The couples I work with keep me loving my work, make everything fresh and fun each time, and I’m forever grateful for all of them.

Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer by Michele Mateus Photography

#2 The Different Styles

I love how every couple either puts their own spin on things, or leans right into their traditions. From church ceremonies to forest weddings, every couple I have worked with has added their own flare to their wedding. 

Let me be really real for a minute here: weddings do NOT all need to be the same! I worry that blogs and Facebook makes couples worry and compare their weddings to what other people are doing, or to some unattainable standard. Well, I say do it as you like! Be quirky, be chill, be unique, be traditional… just be who you are! This day is for you.

#3 All of The Feels! 

Now I know this must sound cheesy, but I’m serious when I say that being at a wedding soaked in love all day long is pretty. darn. amazing. 

YES, it’s stressful getting to the finish line.

YES, many couples tell me they what they most look forward to is it being OVER (haha!). 

But honestly, when the day arrives and the couple says “I do,” when parents give a speech and they start to cry (and I start to cry, because I cry at all the weddings I shoot!), and then you see them tear it up on the dance floor hugging loved ones and singing their faces off to their favourite tunes… it’s pretty dang magical. I drive home feeling so full of love and life!

Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer by Michele Mateus Photography

#4 Capturing The Candid Moments

 I can say with 100% certainty that this one will never get old. I love capturing those little, candid, in-between moments that make the day what it is. 

People often tell me they are attracted to my photos because they look natural and full of joy. I think it’s because when I’m at a wedding, I’m always looking and listening for laughter and tears. 

It’s the different emotions filling the room that I really want to capture.

Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer by Michele Mateus Photography
Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer by Michele Mateus Photography

#5 The Romantic Portraits!

Here’s the thing: I’m a sucker for a romantic portraits. I KNOW everyone tells me they love the natural feeling of my photos, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: many of the “natural” photos those people are commenting on were set up! 

Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer by Michele Mateus Photography

I usually crack some goofy joke to get some natural laughter, but yes my friends, these photos are posed!

One of my favourites is the quiet looking, romantic portrait, where the couple looks so into one another. The one where they’ve stolen a quiet moment with no one else around, where they’re soaking up the bliss of getting married. That’s the sweet stuff!

Best Things About Being A Wedding Photographer by Michele Mateus Photography

My #1 Tip for Couples Planning Their Day:

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding and are just a little (or a lot) stress out, here’s my advice to yo: 

Try to quiet the noise and go with what YOU both want!

Tap into what brought you together, what you both love, your hobbies, your favourite music, your style, and anything else that brings you joy or makes you feel like you. (I have a wedding coming up where they are ditching the wedding cake and doing a pinata, so literally nothing is off the table!)

Why not surprise him with a dino-mite first look? (Sorry, we had to!)

I know this can be controversial (believe me, I know how important family is), but still! This wedding should be about you. I’m willing to bet that if you can find a way to have honest conversations with your family members, even if they have a totally different vision than you might have for your wedding, at the end of the day they’ll realize that they just want what is best for you.

And, remember to ask for help! You don’t need to do this all alone! If you can’t afford a wedding planner you might consider a day of coordinator (Try Thistle Bea, we met at a wedding and I would recommend her with gold stars!). If that still is not in your budget, I am always here to help with planning and timelines.

You can trust that I will honour your individuality, I’m super organized, and that I’ll help make you feel supported and calm during the process. Plus, you will love your photos forever! 

What My Clients Say:

“She recently shot my friends wedding and everything just flowed together. We barely knew she was there and when she did make herself present she was very personable. Well prepared and well equipped. Would definitely use her for future events” – Viktor Dontchev (Wedding Guest)

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