Today was a beautiful day, in light of yesterday’s inauguration of Donald Trump. People across the world came together to show this new President Elect and those that might be tempted to follow his crazy ideas and down right scary thought process, that we are standing united to fight against his misogynist, racist small minded pile of crap!

I feel so proud to have taken my son, a feminist in the making, to his first ever experience in standing up for democracy and human rights. I was moved by all the amazing signs, so many parents there with their children and just the sheer volume of people and love you could feel coming from their hearts. I know many of my friends where there with their littles too, and I am so proud of them, taking the children to such an important and historical march. This is what democracy is about, this is what humans are capable of, and the more we keep up this type of energy, the more we move ahead and not let pricks mess up the world, so don’t give up people, we got this! Looking through these photos warmed my heart so much, and I wanted to get them out to you all before the end of the day, so I hope you enjoy and reflect on how powerful today was.

I handed out so many business cards to people that I took photos off as I want to send them these images of them being active in what they believe in. If you see yourself or a friend in one of my photos please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be more than happy to share as I feel you should have these photos of yourselves standing up for what you believe in: equality, justice and democracy.

I feel sad for our friends across the border, but want you all to know that we are here for you all, in solidarity we stand.

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Donald Trump has got to GO!!!!!!!!!!